An intuitively created blend that includes some of the most beautiful flower fragrances known to man ..clary sage and neroli with the combination of citrus notes such as grapefruit along with 2 of the most sacred high vibrational oils known to man, frankincense and sandalwood.


Designed to assist in rebalancing the psyche between the harshness of the traumatic pain that may be felt inside and then the reminder of gentle optimism that reminds you that you are still alive yet to experience joy...


It reminds you to be gentle to yourself and those around you


The inclusion of frankincense really helps with the mental fog that maybe experienced within these traumatic times as well and works well with the Clary sage to inspire more mental clarity and emotional intelligence coupled with moonstone stimulating the ability to spiral out of emotional cycles or 'inner entanglements' and assisting you in creating more stability...


Recommended particularly for any spiritual or psychological practitioner who deal with having to transmute a lot external energies reminding you that you still have to transmute your own.

Also for anyone looking to tap into their feminine energy with the stabilllity of their masculine energy (can also be for men too) and for those trying to establish a deeper connection with their inner voice/self


This is the life of a wounded healer and the healer ultimately heals others by healing themselves





Clary Sage




Moonstone crystals

Wounded Healer Oil

  • *Place on all your pulse points

    -behind ears, temple, forehead, feet, wrists and behind the neck.

    *Use alongside meditation and prayer

    *Use as skin care (apply over moisturizer 12 hours before being exposed to sunlight

    *Apply. whenever feeling anxiety

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