Our hair is actually the extension of our nervous system which not only taps into how we recieve information (particularly energetically) but often energy can get trapped within the hair follicles.It is able to send and recieve information to and from your body just like a radio antenna.This oil assists the process of being able crystallise the frequencies that are being sent or recieved which amplifies your ability to recieve and send light codes.It helps you to tap into frequencies that are beyond the 5 senses bringing you into more awareness of the hidden realmsStrengthens your abilities to begin to recieve powerful downloadsGreat for grounding you into the body-------------------------------------------------------------------------Use this oil to create a sacred intuitively led hair ritual that allows you to amplify the charge within your antennas creating more opportunities for inspirationIt acts as a shield protecting you from any harmful frequencies that may come through psychic attacksIt is perfect for those starting their loc journeyor whether they are looking to develop a deeper relationship with their hair and access to their intuitionYou can also so thisoul during your meditations and spiritual baths

Antenna Sealant Oil


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