New Moon in Scorpio - Uncovering the Darkness Without Fear

The New moon will be at 23 degrees of Scorpio on 15th November 2020 and it will sextile (create opportunities) with Jupiter in Capricorn which can expand the opportunities for personal growth. This brings up the phrase, 'breakdown or breakthrough' and essentially - this is your choice

We are going to be resolving out connections and our relationships as we will be reflecting our very own power struggles in a feedback loop that will lead to ultimate destruction until somebody is able to cut the connections and find a different route.

Some things are ending some are taking a completely different form and this will be incredibly highlighted within our relationships

As things become intense and deliberately trigger you into vulnerable places - evaluate the process of what is taking place. What is making you feel vulnerable and why? How do you identify vulnerability? Is being vulnerable a comfortable thing for you, are you too vulnerable or not enough?

Are we allowing ourselves to become victims and be trodden down or where we are cheating ourselves of stepping up to your power. Or are you the person abusing your power on somebody else and your having to learn not to step over someone else's boundary.

Further more what are the roots to how we are individually identifying with the non discriminative source called power?

This is truly the time to face our collective darkness that resides within all of us and is projected within all our relationships.

It's time for the purge where you learn not to dissociate or project the darkness that you don't want to accept onto other people.

It's time to see ourselves in the reflections of all our connections.

Scorpio is ruled by the element of water which holds the piercing memories of our past within psyche.  This is a representation of our shadow which are the things that haunt us - our inner most secrets that nobody knows, the things that trouble us late at night, the monsters under the bed and the skeletons in our own closet.

Are we going to kill ourselves trying to keep that door closed that is bursting to come out and be free.

Ask yourself, what are you actually afraid of?  Often times its the fear of the unknown, we dont know what our response will be once we finally let loose, will i loose all control or will I be able to be in control.

The key is to adjust your perception to control and power.  Often times we can feel powerless to those spooky shadows but its because were actually giving our power away to the darkness as opposed to accepting and embracing our darkness without judgement.

With this moon being a new moon this is a dark time to shut off the lights and go inwards.  It may be scary to do this especially if this is not something your used to but if you want to find the light at the end of the tunnel - the only way is to go in, through, then out.

Whilst you take the time to dispel all the fears and illusions that makes you feel powerless, you will discover all the things that make you powerful as mars the God of war begins to drive our energies forward.

After this point, you will never be paralysed by fear again because you met it - and you found out that it is only a shadow.

What does it say in Psalm 23

'Thou I walk through the shadow of the valley of death I will fear no evil’

Shadows are a funny thing as they often have a thing to make a thing appear more fearful than they actually are

I remember as a child, i always used to be afraid every time the lights would go out that my teddybears across the room were snakes hiding in the dark.

My mind attached illusions to the fear i was experiencing, there was no snakes and my fears was fueling this illusion that never existed.

And thats what often happens with us and our own shadow, until we turn on the light for some intelligence - fear is False Evidence Appearing Real.

Now the thing to determine is what is real - and the answer is…what you MAKE real.

its going to feel like the shadows are taking everything over but the key is to remember - this is highlighting the fears you have about yourself.

Observe situations that trigger you to anger, frustrations and power struggles.

Have you exerted too much power, or have you not stepped into your power enough?   Its time for you to honestly answer that question.

You are the ultimate creators and manifestors of your reality and this scorpio energy is going to highlight the energy of death and rebirth where something powerful is conjured from the ashes.  This can manifest in a positive or negative way depending on how you navigate this energy. Transformation is guaranteed but something needs to be destroyed and sacrificed - and that means the attachments to the things that ultimately do not support your overall growth.

As the moon waxes over the next few weeks and months expect POWERFUL manifestations both personally and collectively but its important to be aware of how you manage the things that are manifesting.  

As Mars the God of war has gone direct we can expect a collective surge of that allows us to take control of situations and some will be pushed to ‘dominate’ in whichever capacity it chooses to express itself.

This will be both a collective experience and a personal experience and things will definitely feel like a sudden acceleration.

The important thing to remember is to not get lost in the impulses but ensure there is a certain amount of ground to where you can assert your actions for practical gains.

Pay attention to how you percieve and interpret power because power itself is not bad or good, but how it is managed makes all the difference.

Can stand in authority, can you enact your will and can you influence and change things in real time?

If you cant, its time to ask yourself why you are not as opposed to justifying reasons as to why you cant

Mercury is also opposing Uranus and so we are collectively experiencing an awakening to brand new dimensions and timelines of our experience - see this as an express train to an evolved perception of your reality.  This is your perception which needs to be transformed as how you see the world - literally becomes the world you experience. This is the opportunity to encounter a psychogenesis that not only transforms the way you think but the way you identify with your reality.

Creator...its time to create

We have a Shadow Surgery Clinic that will be ran over the Winter Solstice that will practically deal with power management

For more information please refer to the link below

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