Jupiter Conjunct Pluto - Intense Transformational Growth

Updated: Nov 13, 2020

Zeus and Hades were brothers and rivals. Poor old Pluto (Hades) was consigned to ruling the dank underworld while Jupiter (Zeus) ruled the skies.

These are two opposing realms having the opportunity to meet but end up colliding due to the power struggles of their individual power.

Jupiter represents our higher or Christ Consciousness, having to take a dive into the submarine influences of Pluto which represents our dark occultic/hidden underworlds.

With these two signs being in the sign of Capricorn, this is also a deep unearthing or where it can either feel like the depths of hell is waking up around you or that you're being awakened and initiated into your personal sense of power.

Things can feel like a confusing chaotic psychotic initiation to where our consciousness is actually going through a whole baptismal process that allows for a renewal of perspective.

This is the baptism of fire that will transform your life forever!

With Mars going direct around this time it also gives space for the primal desires to go through a process or purification shedding what no longer supports the healthy development of your ego as this is going to be a test - a test of your true power.

We are going to feel like we are under the fire but it's to create new opportunities for change and transformation2020 has already transformed every area of our life, but this's about to become more personal.

Having experienced this transit twice already on 4th April,  and the 30th June these influences have brought life-changing narratives that have authored our perspective

This has positioned the collective in space to where they are being challenged to travel the distance (Jupiter) and endure the 'trial by fire’ which is the highest form of transformation that births a Pheonix from the ashes.

2020 has been building our courage to take a breath before the deep dive into a world unimagined.

This is where Saturn is testing us to imagine something new (Jupiter) and step into your undiscovered power (Pluto) unveiling the precious metals and stones that are found underneath your foundations (Saturn.

You are uncovering the treasures that were gifted to you, but you have to dig deep to discover them.

These are keys from your past that will remind you why you are on the journey you are currently on.  This is a sense of history repeating itself with the opportunity for you to play your role but do something different to achieve a different result.

Pluto in history has been a symbol of the destruction of one world and the beginning of another similar to the rise of power for Hitler with those forceful 'seizing power' Mars-Pluto themes.  But with Saturn moving into Aquarius next month this will create a different dynamic for the collective as the collective begins to awaken and dictate in collective chaos of confusion as we still have the north node in Gemini squaring Neptune in Pisces where we cant see a split of perspectives that is taking place amongst us.  

Collectively people dictate to each other as well as the power at hands what rules are going to be followed and what rules quite frankly be 'stuck up the arse' (this will amp up more as Uranus begins to square Saturn and we feel like everything is a direct threat and limitation to our freedom. Astrology takes the themes or symbolic meaning of past events and applies it to tomorrow: this is why we can predict the future.

This is a time where we are forcefully putting an end to the things that have oppressed us, mostly so the things that have oppressed us.

Have you allowed yourself to step into your power or have you consistently allowed power struggles to dominate you?

The age of Pisces is done, and when Neptune goes into Aries in 2026 this is when we are going to begin to integrate our power in a more tangible way.

The phrase ‘you are the change you want to see’ really begins to play out here, and you are the author of your story where you have the opportunity to create something powerful from your incredible journey of self-discovery you have been embarking on over 2020.

This is the time when your ability to empower yourself wherever you have felt dominated, over-ruled, or taken over and overthrow everything that has limited you - it is here you will discover that there was no need to fear and all you needed to do was to be encouraged to take the leap

This I can promise you will change the whole course of your life

To find out more about what area of your life will become impacted in this transit, I have included a breakdown through the houses within the Inner Realms Academy

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