Are you ready to experience a 5 day  Phoenix Rising transformational experience?



On August 8 2021, join The Phoenix Headquarters in California and Phoenix for 6 days of shadow work, dance/twerk activations, sound healing, delightful food, magical experiences, and amazing people.

Three Sessions Daily

Every day you’ll practice gratitude affirmations, healing through movement, and sound healing while taking in sweeping views of the pacific. Come enjoy an All-Inclusive resort style reset as we dive into the Order of Evolution of The Phoenix.

About This Retreat

Naomi "Namz '' Elliot author of FaceIT a shadow workbook and curator of shadow work digital courses and content. She has taught and continues to teach individuals at any stage in their journey. She teaches and practices many modalities of healing to combat the deepest fears and subconscious oppressions as a Prophetic Astrologer and Self Evolution Coach.  

Whether you participate in the week-long retreat or the first three days in California, you will definitely experience life transforming introspection and develop an enhanced intuitive guidance towards your healing and thriving journey. The goal is for you to expand your understanding of self through movement in dance, intuitive readings through astrology and oracles, and be provided the tools to face your own shadows to fly high as a Phoenix.

Destination California ($888) : Deposit = $300

Two (2) Payments of $294 due 7/16 & 7/31

FULL Experience Deposit ($1299) = $400

Two (2) payments of $449 due 7/16 & 7/31