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'Once you become Master of your Mind, you  simultaneously become Master of your Matter'

~ Naomi Elliott ~

The Inner Realms Academy facilitates the True Self Project with alternative holistic and metaphysical resources designed to help you dig deeper in understand the universe around you.


We see ourselves as Spiritual Scientist bridging the gap between the tangible and the invisible, we learn the realms of philosophy, psychology, astrology and alchemy...are not that far apart after all.

Self Mastery is the goal, however knowledge, wisdom and the development of desernment will take us to our destination more effectively


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What can you Expect:




The Mission of the Inner Realms Academy is to inspire those who feel they have a Strong call of purpose for this New Age.

Often times we can feel the fire that we came here for a particular purpose, the challenge is finding out exactly what that is.

We can often go around in circles as we are blasted with information left right and centre creating a tornado of confusion to the point were left with the question; what is truth any more?

Through the programs provided by the Inner Realms Academy, we teach you how to quench that thirst for purpose by learning how to embody it in real time.

We prepare you for what's to come spiritually through Self Healing and practical personal development.

This New Age deserves a community of people willing to dedicate themselves to holistic practice (in whichever way that looks for you personally), honouring their vibrations and being inspired enough in their own journey to inspire and light the candles of others.

The New Age deserves a world of healers, once wounded but now whole and healed from both self inflicted wounds and the ones that can be received from others.

We become the Modern Day Shamans mindful of our own vibrations aswell as cosmic vibrations awakening to a whole world of Inner Wisdom.

We awaken our perspective to see our  reflections in the world around us not disassociating from the dark or the light, but learning the power of how to integrate this as one.

This is the art of the pheonix and the foundations of alchemy (transformation).

We teach you the foundations of learning how to navigate your rabbit holes that it always leads back to Self

We inspire the process of healing through deep, reflective content and practices that are not tied to any particular religion or spiritual practice - but simply through using scientific lens's to explore the realms of the mind, the spirit, the body and the soul.

We take a practical approach to topics like;

  • Shadow Work

  • Astrology

  • Cosmic Archetypes

  • Spiritual Activations

  • Metaphysics and Philosophy

  • The Bridge of Mental Health and Spirituality

  • Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine Principals

  • Universal Laws

And soo much more!!



At the Inner Realms Academy, we encourage

  • Personal Truth's - There are many messengers but essentially we want you to be solid in your own as opposed to parroting another

  • Authenticity - Our interactions together make up the True Self Project as we remove the fear to step out of our moulds and masks unapologetically

  • Honest Expression - Freedom of expression is a sentimental value of the academy as we build confidence to share and express our perspectives and experiences in a safe space environment designed for collective and personal evolution and growth

Membership with The Inner Realms academy allows you to;

  • Feel connected within a community committed and dedicated to a journey of personal evolution and growth

  • Feel supported within your journey at whatever level you are at without feeling inferior

  • Have access to practical resources that provide lifetime benefits

  • Be empowered by your own wisdom as you activate areas of your awareness that was once hidden

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