Meet Naomi 

Propehtic Astrologer, author,

astrologer and Self Evolution Coach, Cosmic Activator

As a Prophetic Astrologer and Self Evolution Coach, I am a firm believer that there is a way to overcome and combat your deepest fears and subconscious oppression. 

I am not only able to accurately decipher your energetic blueprint, but I am also gifted with the ability to speak life and activate deeply embedded light codes that are hidden deep within the core of your being.


At True Self Project, we provide astrological consultations and coaching programs to women at all stages of their personal development journey. 


These are delivered through self-help products such as workbooks, personalized charts, and reports for personal, professional, and artistic development.


These are provided to optimize your overall wellness by teaching clients that answers to the questions that can often keep us awake at night, lay deep within each of our subconscious minds.

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