Astro coaching is the artistic blend of self discovery and personal development

through the science of astrology.

Astrology has been one of the most effective tools for self discovery

allowing many to connect more personally to their inner knowing and sense of power.

The archetypes in astrology connect to the pyschological jungian archetypes

which allow us to have a deeper understanding of some of the

influencing energies that content with the conscious, subconscious

and unconscious mind.

Through astrology we are able to see anything from the circumstances that

surrounded your birth, to the relationships with individual family members,

to understanding our life purpose and fullness of our potential.

Who is it for?


True Self Project is for the creative entrepeneur looking to incorporate astrology and

personal growth into their personal branding strategies.


With more creatives now finding more difficult to be their 'true self' within

corporate and in most times social settings

There is a projected image that usually is the ‘socially accepted’ and

‘politically correct’  which does not sit well particularly millenials who

often feel conflicted to 'fit in' to a world they were never meant to fit into?

Creative innovation


What if we could create the world we wanted to exist in by just being the

PROOF that authencity does exist.


The world could change by just one person being ready to stand out of the noise

and do it so well that it inspires others to explore their authenicity.

Our originality and individuality is something that is not often explored when it comes

to brand creation forgetting that one of the cores of branding is Identity.

We often are awesome at creating brand identities but then find it difficult to identify who

we truely are so we can embody the fullness of our truth.

How can we help you?


We push you out of your comfort zone to explore your subconscious influences whilst

learning how to overcome them in REAL TIME.


- Inspiring you to step out of the box into an innovative mindset

- Exploring the core values of self to discover what is authenicity TO YOU

- Empowering confidence in your brand voice 

- Bringing clarity to the self discovery process


We take you through the self discovery process NECESSARY to ensure you understand

WHO you are, WHAT your meant to do and WHY