Naomi Elliott

Cosmic healer, DNA Activator, author,

prophetic astrologer and self-evolution coach

May my Inner Flame thats bright enough to see past the shadows, hot enough to burn away karmic debris, destructive enough to tear down harmful structures, be forceful enough to ignite my transformation

Phoenix Priestess

Naomi Elliott is a Transformative Spirituality Teacher, Self Evolution Coach and Prophetic Astrologer.

Through astrology she's able to identify subconscious and transgenerational patterns whilst using the power of transformational coaching as a practical approach to break these cycles.

Being a Metacostalist, she reaches an audience that have left the church, but still bare witness to the Spirit of Pentecost with the evolved metaphysical understanding in Christian thought.



Naomi is a flame barer for transformation in her soul's journey, the continual replenishment and embodying of who she is, Naomi is an inspirational intuitive astrologer having from a young age a curiosity about what may lie behind the stars that later developed into further understanding how that may relate to how we feel and think about ourselves, others and ideas.

Her life has led her through a variety of expressionist practices. She delivers talks as a speaker and artist, as well as appearing as a creative and spiritual influencer.

Having appeared both on TV and her own social platforms, she has been an advocate for speaking against the harmful activities of the mental health system in the United Kingdom and seeks to offer solutions for how we can improve our approach to mental health by looking to homeopathic and holistic alternatives as healing of the mind body and soul.


With astrology being the mother of all sciences, she effortlessly demonstrates the connections astrology has to psychology, geology and cosmology.

With over 15 years of metaphysical study and 8 years of shamanic practice, her well rounded experience has been trusted with her divine insight and skilful ability to integrate multiple modalities to understand the root of a problem whilst being able to provide the tools to navigate it effectively.




She pulls effortlessly from the wisdom of her own transformational journeys that birthed her into the name 'Phoenix Priestess'.

From being unlawfully, detained by the mental health service under inhumane treatments for 7 weeks, to experiencing multiple accounts of sexual abuse, and homelessness to transforming her whole life around through her commitment to her self healing journey. Naomi is a real life inspiration to the breaking of generational curses that can sometimes linger on.


She uses her background of being a musical director, of being able to see the music in your own life. The universe in itself is a song, with each note being played by each individual planet in the sky. Through this we can both learn the uniqueness of our own song whilst learn how to sing the song of others that we relate to whilst being in a position to give them insight to your song and what influences or inspires you to sing the way you do.




Facing her own 'dark night of the soul' she found stability through developing an indepth understanding of astrology whilst studying multiple healing modalities such as inner child healing, shamanic healing and transpersonal psychology.

Through her own recovery of her own personal traumas, she was then able to find effective modalities that assisted her own personal development and self discovery journey which she then was able to translate in ways that made perfect sense to whoever was listening.


Through research, design and production of holistic products for hair, nail and skincare, she then went on to explore YouTube which opened up opportunities to service a whole new audience that continues to grow.


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I teach how to identify subconscious blockages through creating healthy relationships with the things we have repressed.


Its important to remember that our soul’s needs healing just as much as the mind and the body. The negative attachments to our childhood memories, ‘victim stories’ or whichever internal traumas that we struggle to separate from; becomes the blockages that prevent us from moving forward, seeing the truth in our stories and potential and tapping into our Inner Greatness.

Through my practice, I aim to be a guide to those in need in identifying these blockages and releasing the energy, negative patterns and thoughts, toxic mentalities and the self-limiting affirmations, to provide a solid foundation to support your journey of Personal Growth and Self Discovery.

This is all done merging the art of astrology and the power of coaching with universal spiritual principals

 I am gifted in the abilities of clairvoyance (see), clairaudience (hear) and clairsentience (feel) which gifts me the honour accurately discern the truth that will fuel the roots of our mental, emotional, physical and spiritual issues.  The past often has a way of spilling into our present and impacting our future, but I’m happy to tell you that there IS a way to identify heal and change your karmic cycle. 


We can have karmic influences not only from our current life (whether you believe you have been a good person or not) but also pre-existing lifetimes. 

Our Soul and Spirit is timeless and has recycled its way into the collective experience multiple times, without knowledge and awareness of the potential influences and consequences to not knowing what these cycles are end up leading to the manifestation of these experiences with the same theme, but different person, place or thing.

These are all identifed using the science of astrology that reveals all the things we never thought could be explained about why our lives are currently the way it is and what we can do to practically evolve ourselves

 The identification of the life scripts that we have playing subconsciously is the first step to changing your current narrative.  To change the direction of your life, we need to take time to explore the scenario’s that created the path that lead you to where you are.