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Propehtic Astrologer, author,

astrologer and Self Evolution Coach, Cosmic Activator

As a Prophetic Astrologer and Self Evolution Coach, I am a firm believer that there is a way to overcome and combat your deepest fears and subconscious oppression. 

I am not only able to accurately decipher your energetic blueprint, but I am also gifted with the ability to speak life and activate deeply embedded light codes that are hidden deep within the core of your being.


At True Self Project, we provide astrological consultations and coaching programs to women at all stages of their personal development journey. 


These are delivered through self-help products such as workbooks, personalized charts, and reports for personal, professional, and artistic development.


These are provided to optimize your overall wellness by teaching clients that answers to the questions that can often keep us awake at night, lay deep within each of our subconscious minds.

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  • Intuitive and integrative therapy custom to your specific needs

    1 hr

  • DNA activations for the Soul designed to activate spiritual gifts

    2 hr

  • Learn how to evolve your chart through personal development

    1 hr

  • Incredible insight into your life through astrology

    1 hr

  • Learning past life influences to break the current curses and patterns

    1 hr

  • Gain insight on your year ahead to be 10 steps ahead of the game

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Just from our first interaction and reading she read into my very soul. So in depth and unlike a lot of others, she gives such a clear reading so you don’t walk away with any type of confusion. She helps you understand yourself deeply. You can feel her warmth and that she genuinely cares and wants to give you the understanding you need to evolve. I highly recommend working with her.

Keisha Jordan

Branding Coach

I have trusted Naomi to access my energy for a long time now. She has always been practical, but with a large dose of the Divine thrown in. What I am most impressed with is her continous self-growth.
Recently I asked for her assistance and she came through, yet again. Her accuracy is always brilliant, and her kindness seeps through every note of her voice.
She skillfuly blends intuition, in-depth astrological knowledge and a host of other things (book a session and find out for yourself!).
In my most gracious opinion-she is more than well-equipped for the job.

Anat Ezenwanyi Nji
Spiritual Guide

I was impressed with the accuracy and relevance of the information shared, so much so, I had a mini break down and Namz done nothing but listened like we’d known each other for decades!


She was extremely empathetic but firm and interjected with critical yet fair advice when necessary.

Quite happy to share tips and knowledge around the use of crystals and holistic routines/rituals in how to resolve most of the issues I faced.

As women, we often carry the weight of the world on our shoulders- and then some. It was extremely refreshing to be uplifted in such a harmonious and productive way by another woman. 

Shianne Corbett

Supernatural Ltd



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